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What & Who is this Product Range?

Natural Elixir is a Durban based collective of health and wellness minded people. With over 8 years of manufacturing experience in natural tonics, we have now developed a range of products that heals the body from within.

So often in life we’re externally focused on those elements we think will get us to where we want to be, where in fact, most often, it’s true that the journey starts from within. Natural Elixir is a daily tonic, where the goodness of natural ingredients has been unlocked with special processing, creating a restorative elixir that starts from the inside out. Paving the way to a better, healthier you.

Natural Elixir is a daily health tonic, and works over time to heal the body from within. The accumulative effect enables It to work as an immune booster, and PH balancer (alkaliser.) It detoxifies and stimulates the metabolism and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. The goodness of natural ingredients is unlocked with a variety of special processes. These include cold pressing, juicing, brewing, mixing and combining. Catalytic additives, such as cayenne pepper are also added to help the body absorb key ingredients like turmeric.

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